Jim Watkins Award 2015 – Read More

jim watkins award 2015Victor Caune has been involved in industry across Australia for over 40 years, in a range of roles including:- Education, Training and Development, Mining, Manufacturing, Consulting and Networking.Victor has been running his own Training and Consulting Business over the past 20 years. The focus has been on training, lean implementation and organisational change. During this period Victor has introduced the concepts of lean and operational excellence to many manufacturing organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Victor has always been passionate about networking, sharing and helping others whether working inside organisations, or from an external perspective. Over the years, Victor’s knowledge of manufacturing companies in Victoria, has been of invaluable assistance to members seeking to find positions in the industry. As facilitator of the Lean Cluster Network, SIRF Manufacturing Round Table and now as facilitator of the Best Practice Network, Victor has been a pioneer in industrial business networking for over decade.

Victor has been tireless in his efforts to build bridges between Australian manufacturing companies, encouraging them to share and benchmark with each other. Victor’s networking effort has made a significant contribution to the promotion and development of Lean and continuous improvement across Australian industry. Victor has also been generous in helping individuals within industry to develop as leaders and to further their experience in industry.

Victor has spent much of 2014 supporting AME on a volunteer basis to run successful events and develop its committee and structure. This has involved a considerable contribution of time and has made a substantial contribution to the success of AME in 2014.

Victor is also constantly linking individuals and companies together, above and beyond his formal network events, to enable them to share best practices and learn from one another. In manufacturing in Australia, if you have a problem or a question you need answered, ask Victor and he will be almost certainly able to put you in touch with someone who can help. Victor spends a fair amount of his day helping people make these connections without expectation of payment or reward.

Victor has been committed to Australian industry for over 40 years. In the past 20 years his commitment to networking and best practice sharing has made a significant difference to Victorian manufacturing. He is highly respected within industry and highly valued for his knowledge and ability to bring people together. Victor is a tireless worker whose energy and passion for manufacturing is evident to anyone who meets him.