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Upcoming Events Open for Registration

16/09/21HR ForumManaging an Ageing WorkforceVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
05/10/21CI/Lean ForumSustaining the CI Journey with BHP and TXMVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
07/10/21Site VisitBusiness Improvement JourneysWespine & Laminex, BunburyWAViewRegister
07/10/21Business Leaders ForumLeadership Lessons Learnt with Sam Bevis, BevcomVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
08/10/21 Queensland Network EventBusiness Leaders BreakfastBrisbaneQueenslandRegister
12/10/21Special Interest Group
Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 1 Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
19/10/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 2Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
20/10/21Site Visit
ARM Hub (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub)ARM Hub, NorthgateQueenslandViewRegister
21/10/21HR ForumHR ProfessionalsVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
26/10/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 3Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
28/10/21Maintenance ForumWhy We Don't Get The Design Life Out Of Some Equipment?Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
02/11/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 4Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
03/11/21Site VisitTubeworx
Achieving Scale in Manufacturing
Tubeworx. ClontarfQueenslandRegister
04/11/21Safety ForumSafety Professional Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
09/11/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 5Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
10/11/21Site VisitBruderX Expedition Trailers- Australian Made, Globally DrivenBruderX, RichlandsQueenslandRegister
11/11/21Business Leaders Forum Leadership Lessons Learnt with Cori Stewart, ARM HubVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
16/11/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 6Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
18/11/21Quality ForumQuality Leaders with Stan Bunting, Goodman Fielder NZ Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
23/11/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 7Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
24/11/21Site VisitStreet FurnitureStreet Furniture, Regents ParkNew South WalesRegister
25/11/21Sustainability ForumSolar Installation Case StudyVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
30/11/21Special Interest Group Strategy in Action (SiA) Session 8Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
02/12/21Business Leaders DinnerLeadership Lessons LearntVia ZoomQueenslandRegister
07/12/21Finance ForumFinance Leaders Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
03/02/22CI ForumCI Leaders Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
10/02/22Business Leaders ForumLeadership Lessons LearntVia ZoomAustralia / New ZealandRegister
17/02/22Quality ForumQuality Leaders with Via ZoomAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
24/02/22Supply Chain ForumSupply Chain Leaders Via Zoom Australia / New ZealandRegister

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