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New Zealand 2020 Events Calendar

06/10/20Lean Accounting SeriesPracticing Lean in Accounting with Nick KatkoVia Zoom LinkAustralia / New Zealand ViewRegister
07/10/20Special Interest Group Grey Innovation + ANCA: An Aussie Supply Chain for Emergency VentilatorsVia Zoom LinkInternational ViewRegister
13/10/20Special Interest ForumQuality Beyond Compliance with Dr Cathy BaldingVia Zoom LinkAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
14/10/20Problem Solving Workshop1. Introduction to Lean Problem SolvingVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
15/10/20Special Interest Forum2. It Ain't About The Platform - What Comes First? with John BroadbentVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
20/10/20Lean Accounting SeriesStructuring Lean Accounting Transformation with Nick KatkoVia Zoom LinkAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
21/10/20Special Interest GroupInternational Leaders Forum with Ricki Herbert & Cheryl JekielVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
22/10/20Special Interest ForumCI Leaders Forum with Tim NiewandVia Zoom LinkQLD & NSWViewRegister
28/10/20Special Interest Forum3. It Ain't About The Platform - Setting a Strategy with John BroadbentVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
29/10/20Problem Solving Workshop2. Focussing on what to solveVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
04/11/20Business Leaders Catch UpHighlights at TwilightVia Zoom LinkQLD / NSWViewRegister
05/11/20Special Interest ForumSafety Culture at Winson GroupVia Zoom LinkAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
10/11/20Special Interest ForumHR LeadersVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
19/11/20Special Interest Forum4. It Ain't About The Platform - Gaining Momentum with John BroadbentVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
11/11/20Problem Solving Workshop3. Root Cause AnalysisVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
26/11/20Problem Solving Workshop4. Get Ready to DO!Via Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
TBASite VisitImplementing Lean in a Regulated EnvironmentDEC Pharmaceutical, HamiltonNew ZealandViewRegister
02/12/20Business Leaders Forum Highlights at Twilight - Lessons Learned From A Less Ordinary LifeVia Zoom LinkAustralia / New ZealandViewRegister
9/12/20Problem Solving Workshop5. Study and Share your LearningVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister
11/2/21Problem Solving Workshop6. present you LearningVia Zoom LinkInternationalViewRegister

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