A Matter of Hygiene – June 2019

Dear members,

PG Delights are seeking feedback from the Best Practice Network on the use of hand dryers in the production area.

Currently we are using dispensed hand soap to wash hands, disposable towels to dry hands, and sanitizer to sanitize hands. All of the them are touch-free dispensers.  We are considering replacing disposable towels with hand dryers, but worried about the hygiene issue.

We would like feedback, guidance and experience on the following areas.

1. The hygiene issue we are worried about, is that the splashing water by strong wind from the hand dryer might cause contamination. One of the suppliers also suggested a few articles confirming the doubts and did not recommend to use it in the production area.

2. However some food companies do use hand dryers in their production area. Have they undergone tests, such as swabbing before and after drying hands with the hand dryer to confirm hygiene? Do they have any feedback from using hand dryers? Who is their supplier of hand dryers that they are satisfied with?

We look forward to all feedback, please provide links and any references and offers to visit sites would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,
Jing Ai | QA Co-ordinator – A/S
PG Delights