Contract Cleaners in Manufacturing Plants – October 2019

Dear Members,

Sunny Queen Australia is 100% Aussie farmer owned, and a leader in the provision of eggs and other delicious quality egg products. With over 80 years “eggsperience” in the industry, we are committed to providing quality products whilst ensuring the welfare of our hens.

Sunny Queen are currently conducting some research on the benefits and costs of using contract cleaners in our manufacturing facility.

  • Can anyone in the Network, please advise if they have used contract cleaners in their food manufacturing facilities and what were the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Are / were they working independently or supervised?
  • Would anyone have any feedback on strategies that may have been used for creating buy-in and being part of the overall team?

We would like to hear from organisations within the Best Practice who can answer any of the above. We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments. Please respond by email and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further and visit sites if required.

If anyone can help, please email:

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Toni Burnett
Workplace Health & Safety, Training & Human Resource Manager
145 Mica St, Carole Park QLD 4300