How to integrate and maintain 5S at the shop floor level – November 2019

Dear Members,

Mrs Mac’s has been producing bakery products supplied throughout Australia and overseas for over 60 years. We currently employ over 300 staff and have been part of the Best Practice Network for the past 2 years.

Mrs Mac’s is on a lean journey that includes the introduction of a 5S program. A large part of our Operational staff have undergone 5S awareness training and there are currently 5S tools/systems being used but it is not being done consistently and effectively across all business units.

We are looking for those in the Best Practice Network who have implemented 5S with success. Our key aim is to engage and empower all business centres and staff in all positions to not just be part of the 5S program, but drive it from ground up to avoid a traditional management driven initiative/change. Like other businesses with similar experiences, we don’t want 5S being seen as a good manufacturing practices program and basically a housekeeping exercise. Our focus with 5S, is how it can develop our people to have a lean mindset whilst improving our overall productivity, safety and quality.

Ideas on how 5S was introduced into your business, examples of the tools you use and how you engaged with your people to get initial interest and how it is being sustained would be appreciated. Sharing of any experiences/challenges you faced and what you did to overcome them is also of great interest.

Information exchange can also be shared on what Mrs Mac’s has done to date, to see if it could benefit your 5S program.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments and would also welcome the opportunity to visit sites and discuss further. Please respond directly to me via email or phone 0416 147 829.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

David Austin
Manufacturing Manager |  Mrs Mac’s Pty Ltd
5 – 9 Marchant Way, Morley WA  6062