Implementation of Remote Condition Monitoring System – May 2020

Dear Members,

CSR Gyprock is Australia’s leading manufacturer of gypsum based products such as plasterboard and cornice, as well as compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters and associated finishing materials and accessories.

CSR Gyprock Yarraville are currently undertaking a review of potential remote Condition Monitoring systems and would appreciate some honest feedback from end users.

We’re seeking to hear from any engineers or facility maintainers who have had positive implementation of a remote Condition Monitoring system for input into their Predictive Maintenance regime. Specifically we’re looking to expand our vibration and temperature monitoring of motors and rolling bearings, ideally with automated triggers and feedback for assets at risk of failure.

Particularly we would like to know:

  • Which system did you choose and why?
  • What have been the biggest pros and cons for your chosen system?

I look forward to receiving suggestions, links, contact details or advice from organisations within the Best Practice Network, that may be able to assist us.

Please respond by email and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further.
Contact me directly at:

Thank you in advance for your time,

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Joel Waide | Plant Engineer – Yarraville | CSR Lightweight Systems
Gyprock™ Plasterboard, Cemintel™ Fibre Cement, Ceilector™ Ceiling Solutions