Injury Classifications – May 2020

Dear Members,

Wagners is a diversified Australian construction materials and services provider and an innovative producer of New Generation Building Materials that reduce the impact of heavy construction materials on the environment. They produce cement, concrete, aggregates, composite products and have developed innovative technology with its Earth Friendly Concrete product.

We are looking to qualify what the industry standard is for reporting classifications for Lost Time Injury, Medical Treatment Injury, Restricted Work Injury and First Aid Injury.

There appears to be a bit of inconsistency across businesses and their injury classifications and we are looking to align ourselves within best practice, but also equal to the relevant industry sector.

We are hoping to hear from Best Practice Network members who can provide and share examples of reporting injury classifications, that are working well within their business.

I look forward to receiving suggestions, guidance, links, contact details or advice from organisations within the Network, which may be able to assist us with obtaining our objective.

Please respond by email and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further.
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Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Gavin Wilson | Regional Manager AU/NZ | Wagners CFT