Leader Standard Work and Layered Audits – May 2019

Dear members,
AstraZeneca is implementing a Lean Leadership program and one component of this program is Layered Audits.

The intent is to coach the senior and extended leadership team to form their Leader Standard Work which includes Gemba Walks using Layered Audits as one of the themes.

We are keen to learn from sites which are already applying the Leader Standard Work and Layered Audits in the production floor and especially in supporting functions (HR, Finance, Projects, etc).

If your site would be willing to showcase your best practice (either via site visit, sharing forum or discussion), AstraZeneca would appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best.

Please contact us on LeanNorthRyde@astrazeneca.com if you are open to the idea of us coming together to learn off each other and to share.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! Regards,
Andrew Low | Lean Coach
AstraZeneca Australia |