Managing packaging of seconds stock – June 2020

Dear Members,

Mrs Mac’s has been producing high quality bakery products supplied throughout Australia and overseas for over 60 years.

Mrs Macs are looking to find out how other food manufacturing industries, manage seconds stock, (product that is not passed as 1st grade), when utilising automatic packaging systems?

They have a process in place at the moment, but as they are moving into automation, this will reduce that capability of managing seconds stock. Mrs Macs are looking to hear from others in the food manufacturing industry, on how they are managing their process.

I look forward to receiving suggestions, links, contact details or advice from organisations within the Best Practice Network, that may be able to assist us.

Please respond by email and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further.
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Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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David Austin
Manufacturing Manager |  Mrs Mac’s Pty Ltd