Manufacturing efficiencies for storing paper rolls in foils – Specialised Laminators QLD – July 2017

We at SLQ are looking for a more effective method of storing our paper foils in rolls.  We currently store these rolls in pallets, with multiple rolls in each pallet.  Pallets are stored on vertical racking.

To get rolls, we pick up the pallet off the racking.  We move the pallet to the area with a gantry crane where the required roll will be picked up by the crane.  Then, the roll is placed on a table to slide a mandrel through the core.  Finally, a cantilever crane picks up the roll for loading to the machine.

For increased efficiency, we would like to pick up the roll we require off the vertical racking.  Move the roll to the cantilever crane, slide the mandrel through the core and load to the machine.

We also have a couple of A-frames where part rolls are stored.  These A-frames are directly under the gantry crane.  This used to work for us.  However, we now have limited access to these A-frames because of additional machinery.  Furthermore, these are located at the opposite side of the Machine Operator.  Moving the loading area to the side where the Machine Operator is will reduce changeover time and increase machine effectiveness.  We would also like to get rid of the A-frames because they are quite bulky but only able to store limited rolls.

What we require:

  • Method of individually storing rolls on a vertical rack, such that the rolls do not get deformed and will not have flat spots;
  • Rolls are stored in a way that the roll edges are protected;
  • Easy access of a single roll by a materials handling equipment (e.g. forklift with needle probe) straight from the racking to the cantilever crane for loading on machine.

We would appreciate any ideas on how rolls can be stored and accessed easily.  And also potential contacts for the required hardware.



Peter Lopez

Business Manager – Laminations

Specialised Laminators QLD