Recommendations for platforms for sharing improvement opportunities – May 2020

Dear Members,

Goodman Fielder is a leading regional food company across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. We manufacture, package, distribute, market and sell a wide range of food products including bread, milk, cheese, chicken, flour, cooking oils, spreads, baking ingredients, ice cream and snacks.

We are looking at improving the process in which our employees share their improvement ideas for their job tasks or business practices. 

We are hoping to hear from Best Practice Network members who can provide existing templates, or share examples of procedures that are working well for employees to submit their ideas and improvement opportunities.

I look forward to receiving suggestions, links, contact details or advice from organisations within the Best Practice Network, which may be able to assist us with obtaining our objective.

Please respond by email and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further. Contact me directly at:

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Lynda Jesser
CI Manager, Goodman Fielder
Victoria – AUSTRALIA