Recommendations for non-conformance report/corrective action/preventative action software package – Feb 2018

Dulux currently operates a manual non-conformance reporting system.

Paper forms are used to collect the details of the non-conformance which are collected from area team boards and reviewed at the daily production meeting.  Here they are reviewed and assigned to responsible parties for investigation.  Completed forms are submitted to admin for entry in to an excel database.

While this has served us well, there are issues with closing the loop effectively (reporting back to whomever raised the NCR), response time, and tracking of activities associated with corrective or preventative actions.

Could anyone recommend a good non-conformance report/corrective action/preventative action software package?

We would like to have a large number of people able to raise and review NCR & associated actions, and the preference is for a software based approach so physical location is not a barrier.

We would also like the capability to include screen caps and photos to aid in investigations and root cause analysis, and assign actions via email, with automatic generation of close-out notifications to the person who raised the original NCR.


Rohan Tink
Continuous Improvement Manager
Dulux Australia, QLD