Sustainable and reusable alternatives for wrapping products – September 2019

Dear Members, 

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s purpose is to provide life-giving blood, plasma, transplantation and biological products for world-leading health outcomes. Each year we collect over 1.3million blood donations and process over 3 million blood products. Through this we utilise a lot of consumables in the collection, testing and processing stages, and as such we have a very busy warehouse.

The Brisbane warehouse delivers to over 28 sites, and we are looking at improving processes and efficiency. We use caged trolleys which have doors, though often the boxes have an overhang so the doors are not put to use. Therefore they are wrapped in plastic to keep the boxes within the trolleys during transit (as they are open on one side).

We currently manually wrap the boxes and are looking at automatic wrappers (to reduce manual handling issues). Prior to investing in this solution, we wanted to know if anyone in the Best Practice Network, has used a more sustainable/reusable method such as covers/curtains etc and would be willing to share their thoughts on any alternatives.

If you are happy to discuss and share what has worked within your organisation, please call or email Lauren Inwards at or by phone on 0448 891 750.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Lauren Inwards

Continuous Improvement Coach
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
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