2021 Best Practice Networker Award

Congratulations Jim Glover! 

On Tuesday 11 May 2021, Ron Spiteri, Director of Best Practice Network announced Jim Glover as the 2021 Best Practice Networker Award recipient in recognition of his outstanding service in networking and promoting excellence within the Business Community of Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

“Thank-you so much for what is a real honour. I am truly humbled, flattered and not a little overwhelmed too, to be recognised in such fantastic company by such an amazing group of passionate practitioners.

I guess I’ve been part of the Aussie Lean and OpEx community for “donkeys” or rather “20-odd” years now; in which time I’ve been so amazingly lucky to have worked with some incredible people and been in the right places and the right times to enjoy the most amazing learning journey. As a self confessed “lean geek”, my own passion for everyday continuous improvement & problem solving (based upon respectful & capable leadership) has never wavered in this time and I truly believe that now, as the world adapts to a new normal and faces it toughest ever challenges, Lean Thinking has never been more needed or more relevant; especially if Australia is to continue to contribute and compete as it must.
However, the practice of promoting a Lean message and challenging established thinking in the face of overwhelmingly traditional management models, can be a tough, frustrating and often lonely gig.  
As a result, the strength and support provided by networks such as Best Practice Network and the Lean community (that comprise intelligent and passionate advocates that give their time selflessly helping each other improve) remains absolutely critical.
I share this award with everyone who gets up in the morning, tries to help people fix often broken processes and ultimately strives for continuous improvement.”
Jim Glover, Group Manager – Continuous Improvement, VISY Group, May 2021

We take this opportunity to recognise and congratulate all our incredible nominees
awarded within their respective regions:


Tim Niewand, Gilbarco Veeder Root, New South Wales
Julie Pelliciari, Wespine Industries, Western Australia
Lawrence Baker, TRT, New Zealand 
David Greaves, Darwalla Group, Queensland