Best Practice Network – 2022 Regional Networker Awards

In recent weeks we have proudly announced the five individual – Best Practice Network – 2022 Regional Networker Award recipients for: New Zealand, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Our new Network tag line – Inspire to Challenge – Support to Succeed is the embodiment of what each of our nominees represent.

Our heartfelt congratulations to each incredible individual winner, with the overall 2022 Networker of the Year winner to be announced 0n 17 May 2022.




Lawrence Baker, TRT

Congratulations to Lawrence Baker from TRT – NZ and Australia who is our 2022 Networker of the Year for New Zealand.
Lawrence sets a high bar – encouraging TRT team members to continuously improve, develop their leadership skills, be innovative and to live the “Made Possible” that is at the heart of TRT.
He also exemplifies with his team what we are about in in Best Practice Network: Inspire to Challenge – Support to Succeed.

Photo: Lawrence Baker (left) with Peter Davidson (right)







Tom Macbeth, Bruderx

Congratulations to Tom Macbeth of Bruderx for being nominated as the Best Practice Network Queensland 2022 Networker of the year
Tom has hosted a number of events and workshops, facilitated one-to-one member visits and participated in a wide range of our Forums and Events.
He also identified and helped shape our Senior Operations Leaders Group.

Tom is now working with his emerging leaders and their teams as part of the ‘Learning to Lead’ program and wider engagement across the network
Thank you Tom Macbeth for your passion, engagement and support of our Best Practice Network community

Photo: Tom Macbeth (centre), Ron Spiteri (left), Kevin Bennett (right)





Rob McPherson, Craig Mostyn Group

A congratulations and well done to Rob McPherson from Craig Mostyn Group, who is the 2022 Networker of the Year for Western Australia.

Not only has Rob attended many Best Practice Network events himself, he has developed many of his team members at Linley Valley Pork through the learning programs putting in practice as a leader, “Inspire to Challenge – Support to Succeed.

Photo: Rob McPherson (left) with Simon Hickmott (right) 








Trevor Gray, Pact Group Holdings

Congratulations to Trevor Gray of Pact Group Holdings Ltd for being nominated as the Best Practice Network Victoria 2022 Networker of the Year.

Trevor has actively supported the network with an online Continuous Improvement forum presentation in 2021 and then conducted a highly enjoyable and interactive presentation and discussion to our Business Leaders dinner just before last Christmas. The feedback for this event to Trevor and his colleagues Hajra Cajdin & Muhumad Ahmed was tremendously positive.

Photo: Trevor Gray (right) with Andrew Gill (left) 








Christopher Morgan, Street Furniture

Congratulations to Christopher Morgan of Street Furniture Australia who is our Best Practice Network 2022 NSW Networker of the Year.

Chris’ commitment to ongoing professional development, engaging with and supporting fellow members, challenging the Best Practice Network to continue to develop and grow has been instrumental.

Congratulations Christopher Morgan on this well deserved nomination and good luck as you progress towards the announcement of the overall Winner in May.

Photo: Christopher Morgan (centre), Tony Fedorowicz (left) and Kevin Bennett (right)








The overall 2022 Networker of the Year winner will be announced at an Online Forum to be held 0n 17 May 2022.

Join us for this interactive online forum, as we speak with all five incredible regional winners and hear all about the contributions they have made to receive this honour.

During this session, Best Practice Network Director Ron Spiteri, will announce and award the overall
2022 Australia, New Zealand & Vietnam Networker Award winner.


Good Luck to all our wonderful and worthy recipients!