Best Practice Network Member, ANCA enters Australian Export Awards Hall of Fame

Congratulations to ANCA who have just been inducted into the Australian Export Awards Hall of Fame.

The company, which had won its category at the awards three times – in 2015, 2012 and 1995 – became only the 11th-ever inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Co-founder and joint managing director Pat Boland said it was “a real honour” to be named as among the country’s very top exporters, and praised the talent and commitment to innovation present in the company’s workforce.

“We don’t just work with technology; we create technology – that’s so advanced it deals with dimensions and tolerances measured in nanometers,” he said in a statement.

“I am truly proud that ANCA has been operating from its base in Melbourne for 42 years now and we look forward to an exciting future ahead.”

ANCA - Photo Credit: Manufacturer's Monthly

ANCA – Photo Credit: Manufacturer’s Monthly