How to Build Your Professional Network – Be the first off the Blocks

The people that surround you and the information in their heads is an incredibly valuable asset. Your personal network is a fundamental component of you being successful in both your career and your business.

It doesn’t mean you go out and meet people all the time, it doesn’t mean you attend networking events all the time. It means you’ve got a great relationship with somebody and you spend some time and effort nurturing this. This is a 2 way street – always consider how you can help them – everyone is after insights and knowledge on what is going on in the world. The essential thing is to keep in touch – maybe a just a short email or an occasional cup of coffee.

You have to have real, genuine interest in the other person being successful, because it’s great to have a friend or colleague, someone who you know and respect and see them be successful.


Be the first off the blocks