‘How to do a Gemba Walk’ – book now for Michael Bremer workshops in November

Take a Walk to Change Your Leadership Style!

‘How to do a Gemba Walk’ workshops by Michael Bremer, will be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth this November 2017.

Michael Bremer is a world-reknowned authority on Lean, and was the 2016 Shingo Research Award Receipient.

While it’s comforting to blame others, change actually starts with you.

Do you wish to become a more effective leader? Most leaders say, “People are our most important asset!” but day-today actions suggest they don¹t really believe it. Elite organizations (those few highly effective at improving) have one key difference from the rest. They significantly elevate the performance of average performers. It is a different way of operating than the norm.

Gemba walks provide an opportunity of discovery for walkers to change the way they lead as they learn.

The end result is a leader more in touch with reality, with a higher degree of humility and a leader who more effectively coaches team members to elevate the effectiveness of performance improvement activities.


This workshop will review walks in operations as well as in an office environment. Participants will have an opportunity to do two practical walks during this workshop.




gemba walk

[photo: Michael Bremer]

[photo: Michael Bremer]

About Michael Bremer: www.cumberlandchicago.com/about/michaelB