Lending a Helping Hand

Lending a Helping Hand – Network Members Assisting in a Time of Need

One of the positives to come out of this dark situation, is seeing companies come forward and utilising their business to help manufacture accessories and equipment to assist in combating COVID-19.

Just some of the fabulous work being done by Best Practice Network members can be seen below. There are many more doing what they can, to help out through these unprecedented times.


EGR – Queensland Network Member



“We have pivoted from making automotive accessories to producing protective face shields to protect frontline workers against the Coronavirus. As the largest manufacturer in Australia for rigid polymer sheeting, we are able to produce more than 100,000 units per day of Personal Protective Equipment.”

Read more about this at ppe.egrgroup.com and watch the short clip below as it appeared on the News recently.



ANCA – Victorian Network Member



ANCA another one of Australia’s successful advanced manufacturers, helping out in a time of need.

“As a business we don’t normally manufacture parts for machines such as ventilators,” said Pat Boland, ANCA Co-Founder and Managing Director. “We were approached to join the initiative and were able to utilise our machine shop to manufacture components and skilled labour to build key sub-assemblies of the ventilators.”

Mark Patman, Production Operations Manager at ANCA, explains: “With an extremely tight timeframe, we’ve jumped in and started manufacturing the parts; it’s a team effort across the business to get it done. As a well-established global business, a lot of the processes required to deliver this type of project are already in place at ANCA. We can leverage off all our systems to be able to deliver the project.”

ANCA is utilising a cross-functional team comprising manufacturing, supply chain, project management, stores logistics, and safety to support this crucial work. Demonstrating agility in moving from machine tools to ventilators ANCA already has a working relationship with the AMGC and is pleased to be collaborating with Grey Innovation to ensure that Australia does not have a shortfall in ventilators, critical for our COVID-19 response. Answering the call from the Australian Government.


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