We Quickly Shifted Gears to Ensure We All Stayed Connected…

We Quickly Shifted Gears to Ensure We All Stayed Connected…

There is no denying we were all in unchartered waters.

The Best Practice Network team understood that while all our physical events had to be deferred, we needed to quickly shift gears to ensure we all stay connected and that we maintained continuity in delivering high quality events to you, our members.

We have worked tirelessly to design a strong diverse line-up of webinars and discussion forums and continued to interact with so many engaged professionals around topics of interest. We’ve held over 40 online sessions in the past 3 months, from COVID discussions, Twilight events, National and International Forums, covering a wide variety of topics, local CI & HR professional sessions. Whilst recognising all the while that “networking is more than just attending events; it is about building long-term relationships that support each other!”


What are people saying about our recent Online Forums & Webinars?

Effective Leadership in a Crisis, Jeff Knight
“Thanks for providing an important, alternative perspective to our current crisis; opportunity. Through Jeff’s behavioural insights we are better equipped as leaders to find the positives in the negative and build upon our workplaces cultural maturity.” Tahlia Sklifoff, O-I


Epidemiology and the Workplace, Bill Cracknell, Global Head, Technical Services, Influenza Operations, Seqirus 
“This was a highly informative presentation and has immediately assisted in some of the thinking at Note Printing Australia.” Stephen Leah, NPA


Highlights at Twilight
“Thank you for facilitating and excellently moderating a really good business discussion. Great range of business continuity issues – the real benefit of an active network!” David Stannard, LyondellBasell.


Tech-Talent -Team, Tim Kelly, Engineering Director, Helimods
Best Practice Network is delivering some really fantastic content for their members right now. Real cutting edge thinking, not “more of the same”.  Tim McLean, TXM Lean Solutions.


“Great to have over 70 of our members and supporters take part in our Leadership Lessons Learned” forum with guest Ian Foster, Head Coach of the All Blacks. Ian shared aspects of how the All Blacks focus on consistently being able to deliver optimal performance, and the obvious parallels to leadership in business. Thanks to those from New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka who participated”. Peter Davidson, Facilitator, NZ Best Practice Network


“Wow!!!! – What a fantastic event we had last night at our first Best Practice Network – International Leaders Forum. We had 87 logins and over 120 people listening in, for this 90 minutes of incredible, ‘Share and Find Better Ways.’ A big thankyou to Rakhil Hirdaramani and Victor Perton, for two high quality presentations. Attendees joined in from UK, Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, US, Australia and New Zealand. Looking forward to our next International Leaders Forum later in 2020.” Kevin Bennett, QLD & NSW Facilitator, Best Practice Network 


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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

We can’t wait to engage with you all…