December 2016 Newsletter

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As we approach the festive season, we would like to extend a thank you to our thriving network and the fantastic member companies and partners we work with. Your support has been invaluable!

We’ve had quite a year in 2016, experiencing great challenges and new experiences.

Victor, Gareth, Kevin and I would like to wish wish everyone a happy and safe festive season and hope you all get to enjoy a wonderful holiday break. Here’s to an even bigger and brighter 2017!

We hope you enjoy the final issue for this year!

See you all in the New Year.

Vicky Schembri

Best Practice Network National Events

Upcoming Events

09/02/2017                              AstraZeneca The Future of Global Supply Chains – NSW

22/02/2017                               4P OPEX National Summit – NSW

27/02/2017                       Laminex Practical Problem Solving – QLD     


Welcome to our Newest Members
4P OPEX National Summit – NSW 22 February 2017
“The 2015 Best Practice Network Summit was a really good opportunity for me to connect with other industry practitioners and share war stories (both good and bad) of implementing process improvement initiatives across the diverse manufacturing environments that we work in.” 
Joe Ovenden, PPG
Our upcoming National OPEX Summit on the 22 February 2017 in Sydney,  provides a networking atmosphere where you can learn from successful Australian transformational leaders. Find the right combination of culture, systems and tools to improve your business results. Bring your colleagues along to help change the way your team  thinks about continuous improvement and people engagement. Any leader or manager looking for sustainable results should participate.

This event is FREE for Best Practice Members and if you register before Christmas, you go in the draw to win a Drone.


For details and registration – click here. 

CSL 100 Years of Innovation at CSL – VIC 8/12/16
“In the space of a single morning we covered the history of CSL, its successes and challenges and the role it has played in the health of Australians over the past century. The highlight was a private tour of the Biomedical Breakthroughs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.”

Jay Garland, Office Administrator, TXM Lean Solutions 

Toyota – Best Practice the Toyota Way – VIC 2/12/16 

“The visit to Toyota highlighted for me the practical steps that can be taken to lift employee engagement in a challenging industrial environment. The passion showed from the Team Members and Team Leaders presenting their projects on the floor was commendable. I’m looking forward to adopting some of the engagement and development strategies and will observe with interest where life takes the Toyota employees into the future.

Thanks to Toyota and the Best Practice Network for hosting this interesting and well-presented session.”

Sarah Tole, Yarraville Operations Manager, Sugar Australia

Micreo – Value Stream Mapping – QLD 28-29 November 2016
“The most valuable tool I have taken away from the workshop was the ability to map and visualise process, and the requirements needed to effectively do so.  Mapping out the process and visualising the events that occur from the start to end customer shows significant detail that can be missed. I will now be applying this back at EGR.

Sean Brown, Manufacturing Officer, EGR

Toyota Open Day – VIC 20/11/16
“The event was beautifully run and the Toyota people were great hosts. It was my first time at Toyota and I wasn’t disappointed!

In some ways it was a bitter sweet occasion, because it was the end of an era. I feel very sad to live through the end of Automotive in Australia on the scale of Ford, Holden and Toyota. I think the impact will be more significant than many think.”

Matt Venn, MD Southern Cross Ceramics 

Southern Cross Ceramics – Lean Sales 10/11/16
“Inspiring workshop lead by Southern Cross Ceramics who demonstrated how they as a company recognise that true lean needs to add value to the customer and infact should be customer lead. This is a gap I have queried after attending a number of lean workshops where despite giving lip service to the customer most activities & initiatives have been operations driven and internally focused. So as a Marketer, the day at Southern Cross Ceramics was refreshing.”

READ MORE – Michelle Kelly, National Marketing Manager, Porta

Darwalla Group – Deploying Your Strategy – QLD 8/11/2016
“The event at Darwalla was a great way to see a facility and business which is working through improvements, many of which I could relate to.  The discussion was open and honest and the calibre of attendees created a discussion of experience and opportunity to learn.”

Carl Quarterman, CEO, Queensland Gaskets PTY LTD

AME Dallas International Conference 24-28 October 2016 

“I attended the AME Dallas conference on two counts, firstly to meet a long term professional objective of getting to a US AME conference and secondly I was looking for “my why” as to why I’ve had many more failures than successes with implementing change and improvements, especially with why staff do not take up and run with “obvious” improvements. I just never could understand why they did not have the same passion and interest in driving change and chasing improvements.”

READ MORE Peter Ballas, Note Printing, Matt Venn, Southern Cross Ceramics and Kevin Bennett, Best Practice Network

CSR Viridian – Value Stream Mapping – NSW  20-21 October 2016

“I found the VSM activity to be an excellent working test of the VSM principals in a live environment. The process was straight forward and facilitated in a manner which was suitable to both the process, as well as suitable for the interaction of the participants (even those without a VSM background).

I can definitely see the value of the process, not only as a process improvement but also as a tool to get you thinking about how you can become leaner/more efficient in what you do. I’d recommend attending the workshop to anyone interested in improving the efficiency in their own business regardless of industry.”

Dan Henricson, Logistics manager, Bluescope Steel

FORM 2000 – Digital Marketing – VIC 20/10/16

“Simon Mollison from Form 2000 provided insight into the company’s journey over the last 2 years in Marketing. Some important points that were highlighted consisted of; listening to the customer and understanding their perception of the business. Review of the brand and marketing material / website and refresh of the brand and image of the business and the need to understand and utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Adwords.

We had a large amount of discussion around the SEO and what it means to a business in terms of number of enquiries, the lessons learnt, and the road ahead.”

Mark Smith, Commercial Manager, Refuel International 

HeSaid She Said Women In Leadership VIC – 19/10/16
“An inspirational workshop featuring expert panellists who have made a real difference. This was not your typical session, instead the audience were given the opportunity to actively engage with some of Australia’s best and brightest. Important to keep the discussion going on how to tackle critical leadership challenges.”

Vicky Schembri, Best Practice Network 

ANCA – Optimising Your Business Supply Chain – VIC 13/10/16

“Gaining an understanding of how ANCA manage their supply chain was of interest and value to our business. We found their emphasis on de-risking the supply chain particularly helpful to how we manage our own supply chain. We are very pleased with our involvement with Best Practice Network and recommend that others investigate this great source of learning and networking.”
Matt Venn, MD, Southern Cross Ceramics

“Participating in this event held at ANCA was like nothing I expected. It is a great way to network and gather ideas on solving problems, problems which I discovered are not unique to my business or industry. Any Supply Chain related professionals who are serious about improving their business should not pass up on the opportunity to attend one of these events, I know I will definitely attend again”.

Sean Watt, Supply Chain Manager – Clayton, PPG 

PGH Bricks & Pavers – The A to Z of Asset Maintenance – QLD 6/10/16

“A well hosted event by PGH with candid discussions on the opportunities they faced with the new organisational re-structure and reliability program. Thanks to Sue Tulau from Yallourn power station who provided countless key topics and practical examples typical of best practice reliability and asset management with a focus on CMMS optimisation. It was also great to interact with a diverse range of reliability professionals from planning, trades, stores, engineering and management.”

Tom Parkinson  Reliability Manager, Bulla Dairy Foods 

“I took away a lot of great ideas from the walk around the factory as well as the presentation A to Z of maintenance. I enjoyed the group discussions and could tell we were all facing similar problems no matter which industry we work in. Best Practice Network bring together a diverse group of people who might not normally cross path’s in there working lives.”

Trevor Ogilvie, Maintenance Planner O-I

Best Practice Network – End of Year Celebration VIC 12/12/16

“I was fortunate enough to attend the year end celebration held at the Fat Monkey. It was a fantastic opportunity to mix with like minded people and share stories at an informal event over a drink or two while enjoying some delicious pizza.

Overall it was a great evening and a great opportunity to network. The common issue of engaging people to support the delivery of our future visions was the issue that resoundingly came through during the short presentations and subsequent discussions. Personally I walked away from the event with 5 new contacts to add to my growing network.”

READ MORE: Steven Callewaert – Former Vice President Lean, GKN Driveline Americas region (Operating as Unidrive in Australia)

Best Practice Network working with International Members -Vietnam 12-16 December 2016 “Really enjoying the trip to Vietnam and working with the Fantastic Team at Fashion Garments – Vietnam. FGL are International Members of the Best Practice Network, and I have had the opportunity to visit their factories, sample rooms, administration and merchandising teams.
We have been working to create Value Stream Maps for selected key business processes.”
Kevin Bennett, Best Practice Network

How an export champion maintains its innovation edge

A frequently-used case study on what Australian advanced manufacturing encompasses – including a global mindset, high-value products and sophisticated technology – ANCA is a local manufacturers’ manufacturer.

Concepts like “listening to the customer” and “understanding their problems” almost sound so obvious that they’re barely worth saying, but that doesn’t make them any less vital. READ MORE 

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The Lunar Society – Knights of the full moon…
Both Boulton and Watt were members of a group of scientists and manufacturers known as the Lunar Society of Birmingham. The society gained this name because it met when the moon was full, so members could see their way home. The local people called them ‘lunatics’.

Members shared their ideas and often worked together on projects. At the base of the stairs is a collection of jewellery made by Matthew Boulton and another Lunar Society member, Josiah Wedgwood, one of Britain’s leading pottery makers.

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