Business Networking Groups Brisbane

Identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for change through Best Practice Network’s collaborative learning experiences.

Best Practice Network is founded on the belief that the key becoming globally competitive as a business is to continually strive for excellence and challenge the way we think about best practices. Our business networking groups in Brisbane are designed to achieve these outcomes through onsite, first hand learning experiences where industry peers have the opportunity to work in a collaborative learning environment to overcome shared challenges. International improvement experts are also frequently brought in to offer our members deeper insight into a particular area of industry best practices.

Become Globally Competitive Through Collaborative Learning Experiences

Our Brisbane business networking events offer members the opportunity to engage in a wide array of learning experiences ranging from site visits through to specific training events focused on members’ needs.

Best Practice Network was designed to be an end to end best practices educational resource for our members. To achieve this, our events cover a diverse range topics. Areas of focus range from practical topics such as maintenance, engineering and reliability, through to more conceptual, but equally important topics such as leadership and innovation. Best Practice Network’s close working relationship with TXM means our members have the privilege of learning from Lean experts about a range of Lean principle related topics including:

  • Lean sales
  • Lean best practice and continuous improvement
  • Lean customer services and enhancing the customer experience
  • Kaizen events (focusing on continuous small step improvement over a sustained period of time)

Collaborative learning could be the key to taking your business to the globally competitive level. To learn more about Best Practice Network’s Brisbane events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 1300 977 363.