Business Networking Group Events In Sydney

Gain fresh insights into industry best practices through Best Practice Network’s collaborative learning experiences.

We believe that the key to building a globally competitive business is to continually challenge the way you think about best practices and this is what our business networking events in Sydney are designed to achieve. Our business networking groups in Sydney work by prioritising onsite, hands-on learning experiences where industry peers can contribute knowledge and work in a collaborative environment to solve shared challenges. Our educational framework is further augmented with the addition of international improvement specialists who provide in-depth insights into their areas of expertise.

Business Growth Through Collaborative Learning

Our Sydney business networking events provide members with a broad range of learning opportunities from onsite ‘Gemba’ visits through to special interest groups led by industry experts.

We strive to make Best Practice Network a well-rounded educational resource for our members and to this end, we work hard to cover a wide range of topics relating to industry best practices. The topics covered at our events run from practical seminars on issues such as manufacturing and operational excellence through to less tangible, but equally important professional and business development topics such as leadership and innovation. Best Practice Network also has a close working relationship with TXM, so many of our networking events are led by Lean experts and focus on topics such as Lean sales, customer service, and enhancing the customer experience.

If you’re ready to take your business to the globally competitive level, collaborative learning with industry peers is the way to achieve it. To learn more about Best Practice Network’s Sydney events, get in touch with us by calling 1300 977 363.