SPC Ardmona Wins Battle Against Importers – Read More

SPC Ardmona has successfully won a David and Goliath battle against the Italian importers after the Anti-Dumping Commission were found guilty of the practice.

Feger and La Doria, who had escaped action until now, account for at least 40 per cent of the Italian tinned tomatoes exported to Australia. The Anti-Dumping Commission has now ruled that these exporters too have been dumping product in Australia.

SPC Adrmona managing director Reg Weine said the process had “been a David and Goliath battle”. “The other side have had a bunch of highly paid lawyers and solicitors working on their behalf, and we’ve had one individual staff member”.

SPC will now be able to compete with Italian produce, however prices are expected to go up of the Italian imported tomatoes we are used to buying for around $1.